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401k Plans

Scores of retirement plan options, hundreds of providers, complicated legal requirements.

As a plan sponsor, how do you find the right retirement plan option for your company?

For all these challenges you face - working with Core Financial Group may be the answer.

We provide an innovative, cost-effective retirement platform that empowers plan participants to save with smart, easy-to-use tools and solutions. From 401(k) plans to profit sharing plans, defined benefit plans and many other qualified plan types, we provide the options you need and the guidance you deserve.

Structured Investing & Retirement Plans

Our solutions offer a prudent, strategic approach designed to help retirement plan participants achieve their retirement goals. They are all:

  • Guided by 80+ Years of Academic & Behavioral Research
  • Grounded in Vast Global Diversification
  • Engineered, Monitored & Managed with Strict Discipline

We provide your plan with professionally-designed portfolios that are intended to deliver expected rates of return for a plan participant’s chosen level of risk.

Fiduciary Responsibility

This means that we have a duty of loyalty, care and competence and must put the needs of plan sponsors and participants first.

Utilizing an ERISA §3(38) fiduciary provides extensive benefits, including:

  • Identifying retirement asset allocation models
  • Providing professionally-built, globally diversified retirement portfolios
  • Acknowledging our fiduciary status in writing
  • Prudently selecting, monitoring and replacing retirement plan investment options

Retirement Plan Designs

We can service almost any type of retirement plan, including 401(k), Safe Harbor 401(k), Profit Sharing, 457 (b), Defined Benefit (including cash balance plans), new comparability and 401(k)/DB combo plans. A review of the plan goals and existing design can often uncover corrective or enhancement opportunities. We work with you to fully understand your objectives and then design a plan to best fit your specific needs.

Professional Guidance

We provide independent and objective advice to the plan sponsor and trustees as well as investment and asset allocation education to participants. Some additional benefits of working with us include:

  • Qualified assistance in monitoring and reviewing the plan
  • Providing an Investment Policy Statement
  • Guiding participants through the benefits of their retirement plan options

Participant Experience

Participants benefit from the ability to select from globally diversified portfolios based on their individual risk tolerance. In addition, there is an interactive video-based enrollment and education service that is available 24/7 online. This service is integrated with our record keeping partners and offers dynamic plan-specific education and a risk tolerance questionnaire to assist the participants in making appropriate investment choices. It is simple to navigate and may increase plan participation.

For More Information

To find out how Core Financial Group may improve your retirement plan experience, call us at (530) 751-9525 or e-mail