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Strategic Partners

Core Financial Group has partnered with wealth management partners striving to consistently provide you with top notch service.

Loring Ward provides portfolio management and back-office services. These services include client reporting, portfolio management, operational processing, securities trading, and educational and training support. Loring Ward’s support services allow advisors to spend more time working with clients and less time dealing with the day-to-day management of operational details.

Dimensional develops asset class portfolios for institutional investors and independent investment advisors. Dimensional’s investments are designed to meet the needs of professional investors, and the firm’s resources are devoted to improving these strategies wherever possible. Our relationship with Dimensional is long-standing and based on shared views about how capital markets work and how best to provide clients with a memorable investment experience.

Dimensional’s investment strategies are supported by extensive historical research, focusing on risks and rewards. Since the firm was founded in 1981, Dimensional has continued to work with some of the world’s leading financial economists to develop and enhance its strategies.

Woodbury Financial helps us focus on the big picture by incorporating all aspects of wealth management into our practice. Wealth management is much more than just investment advice or managing client wealth. It’s not confined to a one-time product sales transaction. It encompasses all aspects of our clients’ financial well-being and allows us to act as your advocate throughout the process. Woodbury Financial is positioned to provide powerful support at every point on the wealth management spectrum:

PROTECTION — life insurance expertise to help our clients with this critical need
ACCUMULATION — options to help unlock the growth potential of our clients’ portfolios
DISTRIBUTION — focus on income solutions
TRANSFER — helping coordinate your estate planning solution

Pershing is a global provider of financial business solutions to more than 1,500 institutional and retail financial organizations and independent registered investment advisors who represent approximately 5.5 million active investor accounts.