Protect and Grow Your Family’s Finances

Our investment and financial plans are designed for long-term success, incorporating proven strategies to make sure your farm stays in the family. We also offer asset management plans that provide support for your retirement and for your family.

Specialized Farmer Support

As a farmer, you have unique financial needs that require specialized knowledge. Get the personalized support you need from Core Financial Group.

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Budget Planning

Estimate expenses, track spending, and make informed decisions about equipment, supplies, and labor. Navigate weather, changing commodity prices, and other aspects that impact profitability.

Retirement Planning

Meet your income needs throughout your retirement with a customized plan for withdrawing money from retirement savings and investment accounts while minimizing taxes and other expenses.

Succession Planning

Prepare your children for leadership roles, provide a clear roadmap for the transfer of assets and management responsibilities, and preserve the financial stability of your farm for years to come.

Tax Planning

Minimize your tax liability with year-round planning that accounts for life events and considers the tax implications of individual, investment, and business decisions.

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Core Financial Group uses a sophisticated set of tools to measure your comfort level with risk. Contact us today to speak with an advisor.